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Are Roof Vents Needed On Your Home

We have all been in a home that just seems stuffy and damp, no matter how often you change the air. Some of us may have even had a really bad experience with mildew and mold while renting a house or apartment. One reason homes can feel this way is that they lack adequate roof ventilation. Roof ventilation allows for exterior moisture to escape, reducing the risk of moisture damage and mold growth. A lack of roof ventilation can also increase the risk of ice damming. This is when your home’s roof leak repair because it has become too heavy with ice buildup in the wintertime.

Here are some signs that your home may need roof ventilation:

1) The ceiling in your bedroom is closer to the floor than it should be. If the ceiling in your bedroom slopes down towards the center of the house, water may have accumulated at some point in your roof due to ice dams or heavy rains that were not able to escape through proper ventilation.

2) You have condensation on interior walls, especially in rooms with high ceilings or with windows facing west. If you see condensation on the walls in your home, it is likely that moisture has built up inside your roof.

3) You have a stained ceiling in your kitchen or laundry room. Staining on the ceiling of your kitchen or laundry room may be an indication that rainwater has leaked into areas with insulation underneath your home’s roof.

4) There are visible black stains in the attic. Black stains on your attic ceiling may be a sign that you need additional ventilation for your home. Without adequate roof ventilation, moisture can build up in your roof and cause mold to grow.

5) You have ice buildup along the gutters in the winter. If you notice that there is an especially heavy buildup of ice along the gutters in your home, this may be a sign that snow and rainwater are not escaping through proper roof ventilation.

6) You see water damage on the ceilings near your garage or front door. Without proper roof ventilation, moisture can build up behind walls and underneath the roof, which can cause mold to grow or leak into your home.

7) You notice that your shingles are curling up along the edge instead of lying flat. This is a sign that you may need additional roof ventilation for your home.

8) You see black soot around your attic vents. If you notice black dust around your vents, it may be a sign that you have a buildup of soot and grease on your roof. If this is left untreated, the soot will eventually turn into mildew and mold.

An inadequate amount of roof ventilation can damage your home’s insulation as well as increase the risk for ice dams in the winter. Ice dams happen when snow cannot melt off your roof because there isn’t enough heat in the home to counter the cold outside. Ice builds up along the edge of the roof and back-fills behind any insulation under your roof, resulting in a buildup of ice and water on your roof. As this ice melts and refreezes each day, it can create cracks in your home’s roof or walls. Eventually, this can cause water damage to the insulation in your attic and lead to mold growth.

In order to avoid these major issues, it is important to have a qualified contractor inspect your roof regularly for any signs of wear and tear. This inspection should include an evaluation of the venting system on your roof.

If you have a problem with ice damming or other issues related to roof venting, be sure to contact us for a free estimate. Also, don’t forget to check out our site for more articles like this one!

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