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How Do I Replace My Roof if I Have Solar Panels?

You just invested in a solar array, and now your home needs a new roof. Do you need to remove the solar panels first? Will the panels complicate a Pearland roof installation? What if you want to keep them? Let’s go through a few scenarios and see how it plays out.

Solar panels extend the life of your roofing while reducing energy costs, but they don’t last forever. They have a set lifespan measured in expected years of operation, usually 25-30 years depending on the type of installation and conditions you have, so knowing when to replace them is important. The last thing you want is to put off a roof replacement and end up with leaks in your ceiling during a storm.

If the panels themselves need replacing, it’s usually cheaper to replace the entire array than just the panels, so you can keep them if they’re not damaged or excessively worn. Otherwise, here are some tips for roof replacement with solar panels:

  1. Don’t Remove the Panels

It can cost you quite a bit to uninstall a solar array. Removing panels is a time-consuming job that requires specialized equipment, and it’s almost always more practical to replace them instead of taking them off your roof. If your system is installed by a reputable Pearland Roofing Company, they should be able to reinstall the new roof over the old solar panels. A few days of downtime is a lot better than weeks of hassle and expense.

  1. Check the Warranty

Before you start, contact your manufacturer to see what their warranty states about leaving solar panels on during a roof replacement or other major home renovation. Some companies will only cover warranty issues if the panels are removed, so it’s worth checking this before you agree to a new roof.

  1. Get A Free Roof Inspection

If owning solar panels complicates your ability to get them replaced, then at least have an experienced professional inspect the current system to see if it can handle another 20-30 years or if it needs replacement. This will help you make an informed decision about whether to keep them.

  1. Explain Your Needs

If your roof replacement contractor doesn’t do solar-safe roofing, or if it’s prohibitively expensive, then explain your needs to the company that does the work. Sometimes, they’ll be willing to schedule extra time in their schedule for specialty work to accommodate your roofing project.

  1. Keep Your Save-Until-Later Money in an Interest Bearing Account

If you’re thinking about keeping the solar panels, then it’s important to set that money aside for later use. You’ll need it when it comes time to pay the contractor to install the new solar array (or if you choose to do it yourself).

Prioritizing your home project by setting money aside for later use is a good way to make sure you have the cash flow available when needed.  

If you’re considering replacing your roof and have solar panels installed, then it’s important to know how this will affect the process. We hope that our tips here can provide some guidance when deciding whether or not to remove your current system before installing new shingles–and what steps would be required in either scenario.

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